Meeting Summary August 1999

This meeting had action from the stage, plus action in the lobby, as both the Broadcast Design Association and Intelligent Media set up tables to show their wares before the meeting and during the break. And thanks to sponsorship from Videonics, admission was free!

During the beginner's section, co-host Chris Meyer from CyberMotion showed how to create graphical elements in 3D using just default shapes and deformations, rather than having to create models. Co-hosts Trish Meyer of CyberMotion and Lachlan Westfall of Quiet Earth then joined Chris on stage to discuss various compositing and 3D graphical tricks, including using wireframes, as well as funky fonts such as the FUSE collection.

Trish also discussed the excellent series of Photoshop Inside and Out training tapes from experts David Biedny and Bert Monroy. Quoting from their own copy, "The emphasis of all of the tapes in the Photoshop Inside & Out series is on helping users solve real-world imaging problems, while learning the techniques required for creative imaging problem-solving." There is a two-tape set that brings people up to speed on the features in 5.0, as well as two pairs of more advanced tapes: Photoshop Fundamentals, and Illustrating with Photoshop. Prices are $60 each, and $100 per pair. Phone orders: (877) 443-4477.

Moving onto the main body of the meeting, Matthew McEwen and Dave Hurley of Videonics demonstrated the new 2.0 release of Effetto Pronto. This software/hardware combination consists of a compositing application that casts 2D layers in 3D space, and a PCI card that vastly accelerates many of its processes and offers a separate video out of the main composition with an optional daughterboard. Some of the numerous new features include transfer modes, animatable camera, bezier splines on motion paths and velocity curves, text on a path, sophisticated RAM preview, time stretch/remapping, and enhanced plug-in support. As mentioned above, Intelligent Media also had an Effetto Pronto system set up in the lobby for those who wanted a closer look. Videonics continues to extend a free 30 day "test drive" program - check it out for yourself. And again, we thank Videonics for paying our room fees for the night, making admittance free, and promising to mail shirts to our demo reel presenters.

Speaking of which, after Effetto Pronto, we showed demo reels from our members. Those who showed reels are listed at the end of this email, should you want to contact them. Included were another set of examples from Harry Mott's fine students at Otis College of Design; note that some of these students will be available for internships.

We had so many reels, we unfortunately had to cut Lachlan's tips on creating 3D smoke trails - and we were so frazzled, we forgot to mention this during the course of the meeting. Our sincerest apologies all around. We hope to have this tip in a future meeting. Until then, you can see a sample movie of it at on his website.

After the break, Mike Goedecke and Steve Kazanjian of Belief mounted the stage (with other members of Belief in the audience), and reprised their BDA presentation "Faster Cheaper Better - the Macintosh 1999." It included works from The Cab Company, H-Gun, Brian Diecks Design, Digital Kitchen, The Firm, Reality Check, 22 Product, as well as Belief. They also walked us through their creation process for their new Playhouse Disney project, and discussed their internal practice where each designer takes an entire project through from start to finish, rather than parceling it out to others to execute. It is always great to hear artists and studios talk about the real world, both from the artistic and management points of view. They echoed the importance of fellow designers of belonging to the BDA (Broadcast Designers Association); the BDA reps in the lobby, by the way, later complemented us on how well prepared and qualified MGLA members were when they came up and spoke with them during the break - they were very impressed (so pat yourselves on the back).

Finally, we had another nice raffle. In addition to the Photoshop tapes mentioned above, Peter Lish of ElectricImage/Play brought us another copy of Amorphium and Corbis Images donated another one of their image libraries.

Next meeting is September 7, again at AFI's Mark Goodson Screening Room. The topic of the night will be working with film on the desktop - covering the technical details of file sizes, image formats, etc., as well as walking through a few recent projects. It should be interesting; we look forward to seeing you there.

Best Regards - Lucky, Trish and Chris, your MGLA Hosts


Demo reel presenters for the evening:

Andrew Theis (After Effects and 3D Studio Max) (310) 322-4253


Chris Inkyong Whang (Arc - Fluid Identity) 123 S. Figueroa St. #1209, Los Angeles, CA., 90012 telephone: 213.625.3743 email

Highly skilled in computer graphic design and production, and proficient with 2-D and 3-D motion graphic software including: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Electric Image, Strata Studio Pro and Form-Z


edgeX studio a motion design company/designing across media -broadcast, film, music videos, and the web.

We are now in residence at the bakery(10709 Burbank Blvd. N.Hollywood,Ca) a Digital Sound & Vision facility

818 508 7800 213 368 8925 voicemail