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Tuesday, May 18
LA Film School

LINEUP: Adobe Night, including an overview of the Adobe Video Collection, a focus of the new features in After Effects 6.5, and guest studio The Orphanage

With the announcements at the recent NAB show, it probably is no surprise to many of you what we have been reserving our May meeting for: After Effects 6.5, and the rest of the Adobe Digital Video collection including the latest versions of Premiere Pro, Encore DVD, and Audition. These are the plans for the evening:

Social Hour (6:30-7:30)

Adobe is generously catering the evening's festivities, including snacks as well as beer, wine, sodas, and water. The latest demo reel will be playing in the theater for those who prefer to have a seat and watch some great eye candy.

Adobe Video Solutions (7:30-8:20)

The irrepressible Daniel Brown will be giving an overview of the latest version of the entire Adobe Video Collection, including showing how they integrate. Some of the features that will be discussed and demonstrated include:

Premiere Pro 1.5

Premiere Pro screen

* Support for hi-definition video as well as Panasonic 24P and 24PA camera support
* New project manager
* Effects Favorites just like in After Effects
* Easy capture with scene detection
* Ability to open Premiere Pro projects inside After Effects, with edits, dissolves, opacity settings, motion and other transformation keyframes, and markers intact, as well as nested sequences and numerous effects
* Copy and paste compatibility between Premiere Pro and After Effects, including elements such as Bezier keyframes
* One-click color correction (Auto Levels, Auto Color, Auto Contrast, and Shadows/Highlights)
* Integrated audio editing tools, including sub-frame sample-level controls and surround sound encoding
* The ability to set markers which then import into Encore as chapter markers

Audition 1.5

Audition screen

* New features such as frequency space editing, pitch correction, and center channel extractor, CD burning, ReWire support, and auto click/pop elimination
* New video support: see thumbnail video frames in multitrack view, import more video file formats
* Clip time stretching to get audio to fit a specific duration without changing pitch
* Share VST plug-ins with Premiere
* Create royalty-free music beds using 5,000 included production music loops in a wide range of styles
* Import 6-channel surround sound piece into Premiere Pro or AE, use new Edit Original command in either to choose between session or just the WAV file

After Effects 6.5

After Effects screen

The latest version of After Effects will be shown in detail after the break, but in the meantime, Daniel will be showing the integration with Premiere Pro described above as well as its new integration with Encore DVD. A full workflow can then include dragging and dropping a clip from Premiere to use as motion background; converting the resulting comp to Encore compatible file, exporting a Photoshop PSD file with correct naming conventions for use inside Encore, and rendering motion backgrounds for Encore.

Encore DVD 1.5

Encore DVD screen

* New features including new styles palette, enhanced library palette, background transcoding, and project checking
* Photoshop integration: new CS support for non-square pixels, nested layers, and otherwise deeply embedded native Photoshop file format support
* Premiere Pro integration: markers turn into chapter points (also from After Effects, in AVI files)
* Create AE Comp command, button import from After Effects, and an overall workflow that allows you to easily bring in motion menus and animated backgrounds from After Effects


A chance to stretch, visit with vendor (and original MGLA host) New Media Hollywood in the lobby to talk about the latest toys from NAB, and to ask Daniel more specific questions about programs in the Video Collection.

What's New in After Effects 6.5

CC Particle World screen

Michael Coleman - a member of the After Effects team in Seattle - will be down to run through the newest features in After Effects 6.5 in more detail. We imagine he'll detail his demo to the interests of and feedback from our members; some of the new features of note include:

* enhanced OpenGL support, including a new OpenGL rendering engine
* disc caching - a significant update to RAM Previews
* improved Clone functions, including onionskin overlays while cloning
* further enhancements to the already powerful Text engine introduced in After Effects 6; including 250 text animation presets which can be applied and modified as desired
* Animation Presets: a greatly expanded version of Effects Favorites, which now allow you to store values and keyframes for virtually any parameter, including mask shapes and even expressions for re-use in any other composition or project
* new one-click color management plug-ins such as Auto-Color and Auto-Levels, plus Synthetic Aperture's Color Finesse
* comprehensive grain management tools in the Professional edition
* Cycore Effects (including updated versions of the Final Effects Complete plug-ins) bundled with all versions
* significant updates to scripting in After Effects

Guest Studio: The Orphanage

Stu Maschwitz, Chief Technology Officer at this cutting-edge studio - who does a lot of film work in After Effects - will be down to show the work they performed on the recent movie Hellboy using After Effects. As part of his presentation, Stu will be showing how Orphanage used their new set of eLin plug-ins to perform High Dynamic Range (HDR) compositing inside After Effects. For those who bothered to read down this far, this is the sleeper presentation of the evening - extended dynamic range color space is going to be one of the Next Big Things in our work; here's your chance to get a jump on the technology.

Door Prizes

Your brains will probably be overloaded at this point, but hang on for just a few more minutes, as we have some great prizes to give away, including software you saw this evening plus training DVDs and books that will help you get the most out of it:

* After Effects 6.5 Professional edition (Mac or Windows) ($999 value)

* Adobe Video Collection 2.5 (Standard edition, Windows) ($999 value)

* Total Training for After Effects 6.5 13-DVD set ($549 value)

* Total Training Video Solution Workflow DVDs (price TBA)

* Designing Menus with Encore DVD by John Skidgel ($50 value)

* Using Audition by Ron Dabbs ($45 value)

* Premiere Pro Editing Workshop by Marcus Geduld ($40 value)

* After Effects on the Spot by Richard Harrington, Rachel Max, and Marcus Geduld ($28 value)

We hope you can join us for this special evening.

And again, thanks to Adobe's sponsorship of MGLA this year, admission is free!

Chris, Trish, Lucky, Tony, and Warren
Your MGLA co-hosts