**Meeting Invite***

Tuesday, August 16

Gallery Theatre at Barnsdall Art Park
***** 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. *****
(art gallery open from 5:30 p.m.)

***** Cover charge: FREE courtesy of Adobe Systems *****

LINEUP: Alternate Business Models for artists & small studios / Belief's Pollinate 2005: The Common Desk

August 16 marks our 8th anniversary, and the 100th MGLA event. We have arranged a special meeting, that evolves our occasional "running your own business" theme by featuring multiple presentations on ideas to grow your business and smooth out your cash flow, followed by an inspirational video from Belief on optimizing your workspace.

Also this month, thanks to sponsorship from Autodesk, the adjacent Municipal Art Gallery will be open - FREE (although they always appreciate donations) - from 5:30 through the mid-meeting break. Come early (entering through the gallery, not the theatre's normal entrance), browse, and get inspired before the meeting. Make sure you check out the address and directions for BGT at the bottom of this page.

Q&A (7:00-7:30)

Our usual relaxed question & answer/gossip session while people get parked and seated (and finish browsing the gallery).

Alternate Business Models (7:30-8:30)

During the first half of the meeting, we will discuss three approaches to expanding your business and increasing your income:

- Alex Lindsay of the Pixel Corps and dvGarage will talk about the challenges and opportunities to distribute and produce work within a "Virtual" organization of artists that allows companies to expand and contract for production and artists to work anywhere. This is how you can make your small studio seem much bigger and more capable, to take on those bigger jobs.

- Brett Ashy of The Ashy Agency will discuss the new trend of one sales representative working for several smaller studios or freelance artists - akin to the way an agent represents actors, or a gallery represents artists. This is how smaller studios can bridge the gap of getting bigger gigs, without the staff overhead of having to bring a sales person on full time.

- Trish & Chris Meyer of CyberMotion will discuss ways to generate more income off of work you've already done and knowledge you've already obtained, by writing articles, books, creating stock footage and online training (including announcing a new online opportunity which is coming up) - many of which generate royalty streams after the initial work is done!

break (8:30-8:55)

A chance to stretch, return calls (remember to keep your cell phones and pagers silent while in the meeting), browse the gallery one last time, and get something to eat or drink from the snack bar.

Belief's The Common Desk (8:55-9:55)

Award-winning studio and MGLA favorite Belief will present their latest "creative challenge" video - Pollinate 2005: The Common Desk. You'll think you'll find it funny, challenging, and inspirational. Belief will take questions afterwards on ways of finding inspiration for your work. Belief will also be bringing copies of the Pollinate video to hand out (thanks, guys).

door prizes (9:55)

As part of this special meeting, we talked to our sponsors and got a few additional and special prizes to give away - totalling roughly $7500 in value! The list is below; check out the links and think ahead of time what you might want should your number be called.

For those new to our meetings, we hand out tickets (one per person, free) during the second half of the meeting (grab one and pass the strip along). We then draw at the end, with winners getting their choice of one of whatever prizes are left on the table, in the order we call your numbers. You must be present to win; we don't mind if you hand your ticket to a friend or neighbor. Please consider what you want before you get to the front; you need to pick swiftly so everyone else can go home on time.

The list of prizes this month includes:

* a copy of the 3D software package Cinema 4D (the XL bundle - $1895 value!), courtesy of Maxon US

* the "PowerPack" collection of dvGarage surfacing & training products ($1200 value)

* a certificate for half off any of the wide variety of 3-day training seminars at MGLA sponsor Moviola ($500 value; ACSR certification classes are not included)
(click here for additional discounts for all MGLA members!)

* the new SpacePilot Intelligent Motion Controller, courtesy 3Dconnexion ($499 value)
(we expect 3Dconnexion to be in the lobby demonstrating their innovative controllers - check them out!)

* the Control Panels 2 stock footage library, courtesy of Artbeats ($499 value)

* the Portraits - Adults stock footage library, courtesy of Artbeats ($499 value)
(by the way, buy any Artbeats library worth $229 or more this month and you can add a copy of their West Coast City Aerials library for only $199)

* a full conference pass to this November's ShowBiz Expo in Santa Monica ($349 value)

* a 12-DVD set of combustion 3 training from The Street Productions, courtesy Autodesk ($298 value)

* ThemeBlox 01: Hi-Tech & Medical stock footage library, courtesy 12 Inch Design ($249 value)

* ThemeBlox 02: Sports stock footage library, courtesy 12 Inch Design ($249 value)

* FrameCycler Professional 3.5 from new MGLA sponsor IRIDAS ($249 value)

* the winner's choice of either the screenwriting software Final Draft or the script processor software Final Draft AV, courtesy of Final Draft ($129-229 value)

* a three-month membership in the Pixel Corp, courtesy Pixel Corps ($150-200 value)

* the complete trilogy of After Effects books by MGLA co-hosts Trish & Chris Meyer, courtesy CyberMotion ($170 value)

* Volume 1 of the DV Pro Series stock footage and projects, courtesy broadcastGEMs ($159 value)

* Learning Adobe After Effects 6 DVD-ROM training by Lynda Weinman, courtesy Lynda.com ($100 value)

* a 5 CD set of motion graphics project lessons for Photoshop and After Effects from The Anvel ($75 value)

* Walter McDowell's and Alan Batten's book Branding TV: Principles and Practices, courtesy Focal Press ($45 value)

* Lynda Weinman's book After Effects 6 Hands-On Training, courtesy Lynda.com ($45 value)

* Ron Dabbs' book Using Audition, courtesy CMP Books ($45 value)

* Pete May's Essential Digital Video Handbook, courtesy Focal Press ($25 value)

* Photo Retouching with Photoshop: A Designer's Notebook, courtesy O'Reilly ($25 value)

* Mark Dileo's books Instant DVD Workshop 2, courtesy CMP Books ($25 value)

And again, thanks to Adobe's sponsorship of MGLA this year, admission is free!

Chris, Trish, Lucky, Tony, and Warren
Your MGLA co-hosts


Door prizes provided by:
Maxon dvGarage Moviola 3Dconnexion Artbeats ShowBiz Expo Autodesk 12 Inch Design IRIDAS Final Draft broadcastGEMs The Anvel CMP_Books Focal Press
O'Reilly Lynda.com


digital projection made possible through the generous sponsorship of
Apple Computer and the Pixel Corps

with additional support from Adobe Systems, AJA, ProMax Systems,
BIAS, Inc, DigitalFilm Tree, and Gefen Inc.

Barnsdall Gallery Theatre and Art Park is a facility of the
City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department



The Gallery Theatre at Barnsdall Art Park
4800 Hollywood Boulevard
(between Vermont and Normandie)
Hollywood, CA 90027
Phone: 323.644.6272

* coming South/East on the 101: exit Hollywood, head East
* coming North/West on the 101: exit Vermont, head North, turn left (going West) onto Hollywood
* coming from the 5: exit Los Feliz, head West, turn left (going South) onto Vermont, turn right (going West) on Prospect, Prospect becomes Hollywood

Enter through the gate on the South side of Hollywood Blvd. just East of the light at Edgemont, or West of the light at New Hampshire (which is just West of where Prospect and Hollywood come together). The theatre is at the top of the hill, adjacent to the art gallery (they have separate entrances). On meeting nights where the gallery is open, please enter through the gallery; you can get to the theatre through the right end of the gallery.

Parking is free. There is parking at the bottom of the hill, but first try to find a space around the perimeter of the park at the top. Please park closely together, at an angle (regardless of how the parking spaces are painted!) to allow more cars to park. Click here for a PDF map (300k) of the grounds that points out the parking areas and includes other helpful hints.

Wheelchair access (or if you are carrying a lot of gear): Park in the lot next to the Hollyhock house (you will see a handicap parking sign - there are also spaces for loading etc.), come into the theatre entrance, and take the elevator down. There will be space in the front of the theatre for wheelchairs.

Click here for a MapQuest interactive map, including the ability to get directions from your location to this address. There is also a Metro Red Line station at Vermont and Sunset, about a block and a half from the park's entrance.

Before or after the meeting, there is a fine restaurant row on Vermont between Hollywood and Franklin (just around the corner from the park). There are also a number of funky ethic eateries along Hollywood. See the forum discussion for suggestions.