***Meeting Invite***

Tuesday, November 15

Gallery Theatre at Barnsdall Art Park
***** 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. *****
(art gallery open from 5:30 p.m.)

***** Cover charge: FREE courtesy of Adobe Systems *****

LINEUP: Pixel Corps Presents: IPTV / Sound Design primer / the IRIDAS Color Pipeline / guest artist: Psychic Bunny / door prizes

Here is The Plan for the November meeting, which contains some interesting variations from our usual fare: presentations on internet TV, digital intermediates, sound design, and video support for modern opera(!).

Also this month, thanks to sponsorship from Autodesk, the adjacent Municipal Art Gallery will be open - FREE (although they always appreciate donations) - from 5:30 through the mid-meeting break. Come early (entering through the gallery, not the theatre's normal entrance), browse, and get inspired before the meeting. Make sure you check out the address and directions for BGT at the bottom of this page.

Q&A (7:00-7:30)

Our informal pre-meeting while people get parked and seated. After reviewing recent events and answering any pressing questions, co-host Ko Maruyama will demonstrate a Cinema 4D technique in our new section, There's a Better Way to Do That.

Pixel Corp Presents: IPTV (7:30-8:00)

For all those waiting for Internet TV...well, it's here. See how the Pixel Corps is building some of the first shows to play at TV resolution over broadband. Learn how you can take advantage of IPTV as well! Alex Lindsay from the Pixel Corps will talk about the process, the production and the prospects for IPTV over next year and beyond.

Sound Design primer (8:00-8:35)

Sound can make or break the graphics we create. David Sonnenschein of Sonic Strategies - author of "SOUND DESIGN: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects" and teacher of Sound Design classes at Video Symphony and Cal State Northridge University - will be down to give us a primer on sound design. Topics will include the power of listening, psychoacoustics, sound sculpting and sonic storytelling.

break (8:35-8:55)

A chance to stretch, network, return calls (because you were a good member and remembered to turn off your cell phone during the meeting), get something to eat or drink (the snack bar will be open), an browse the art gallery one last time while we set up for the second half of the meeting.

The IRIDAS Color Pipeline (8:55-9:35)

As more of our members have to deal with film, hi-def, digital intermediates, and color "grading" for these, we are very happy to have Steve Crouch of IRIDAS down at this meeting demonstrating the IRIDAS Color Pipeline, including look management tools (SpeedGrade OnSet), Digital Dailies (FrameCycler Professional and FrameCycler DDS), and a complete Digital Intermediate film/HD finishing application (SpeedGrade DI). IRIDAS will show the interactive process that takes place between the Director of Photography on location and the colorist in the telecine or DI suite using the new .look file format, including the use of .look files for color-graded playback of uncompressed original footage throughout the workflow.

The integration of cineSpace calibration technologies (from Rising Sun Research) will also be presented. Including cineSpace in the SpeedGrade pipeline provides film professions with confidence in the color accuracy of their work.

With uncompressed frame sequences at film and HD resolutions, data and file management play an important role in establishing workflows that work in the real world. The use of metadata is a necessary component of this new project management, and the IRIDAS Color Pipeline proves how the "data about the data" can be moved more efficiently than the "data" itself.

IRIDAS is an MGLA sponsor, and we will have two copies of their Frame Cycler Pro as door prizes later in the evening.

guest artist: Psychic Bunny (9:35-9:55)

This month's guest artist is Psychic Bunny, sharing with us their work on the Santa Monica Civic Light Opera's production of Cuckoo's Nest. As you can see from the images below, this is not your typical opera! Rick Castañeda and Doug Spice created content to play on two giant projection screens alongside the stage. These screens would fill with offstage scenes, flashbacks, dream sequences, and other nightmarish visions during the play. Psychic Bunny worked directly with the play's cast and crew to conceptualize, produce, and do elaborate post work in time for curtains up.

Cuckoo 1Cuckoo 2

Psychic Bunny is a production and post-production boutique in downtown LA. They work in narrative and documentary film, promos, commercials, and music videos. The team handles work including video and film production, editing, VFX, motion graphics, and writing. Their work is often done on incredibly short timelines or limiting budgets, so Rick and Doug will be presenting about lightning-fast techniques for graphics and effects.

door prizes (9:55)

Below is a list of this month's door prizes, totaling over $5000 in value!

For those new to our meetings, we hand out tickets (one per person, free) during the second half of the meeting (grab one and pass the strip along). We then draw at the end, with winners getting their choice of one of whatever prizes are left on the table, in the order we call your numbers. You must be present to win; we don't mind if you hand your ticket to a friend or neighbor. Please consider what you want before you get to the front; you need to pick swiftly so everyone else can go home on time.

The list of prizes this month currently includes:

* dvGarage Power Pak bundle of most of their products ($1200 value!)

* a certificate for half off any of the wide variety of 3-day training seminars at MGLA sponsor Moviola ($500 value; ACSR certification classes are not included)
(click here for additional discounts for all MGLA members)

* the Portraits - Kids stock footage library, courtesy of Artbeats ($499 value)
(by the way, buy any Artbeats library worth $229 or more this month and you can add a copy of their Rural Lifestyles library for only $199)

* the Pro Import AE plug-in set to import OMF, XML, Avid, Final Cut Pro, and Motion projects, courtesy Automatic Duck ($495 value)

* PXC Boujou Bullet, courtesy Pixel Corps ($369 value)

* a 16 CD set of motion graphics project lessons for Photoshop and After Effects from The Anvel ($300 value)

* ThemeBlox Unit 02: Sports stock footage and elements library, courtesy 12 Inch Design ($249 value)

* 2 copies of FrameCycler Professional 3.5, courtesy IRIDAS ($249 value each)

* Volume 1 of the AE Pro Series stock footage and projects, courtesy broadcastGEMs ($229 value)

* the winner's choice of either the screenwriting software Final Draft or the script processor software Final Draft AV, courtesy of Final Draft ($129-229 value)

* a three-month membership in the Pixel Corp, courtesy Pixel Corps ($150-200 value)

* dvMatte Pro keying plug-in for After Effects, courtesy dvGarage ($199 value)

* dvMatte Blast keying plug-in for Apple Motion, courtesy dvGarage ($99 value)

* After Effects in Production second edition by MGLA co-host Trish and Chris Meyer, courtesy CMP Books ($50 value)

* Digital Intermediates for Film and Video by Jack James, courtesy Focal Press ($50 value)

* Using Audition by Ron Dabbs, courtesy CMP Books ($45 value)

* If It's Purple, Someone's Gonna Die: The Power of Color in Visual Storytelling by Patti Bellantoni, courtesy Focal Press ($40 value)

* ProTools Surround Sound Mixing by Rich Tozzoli, courtesy CMP Books and Backbeat Books ($35 value)

* Instant Surround Sound by Jeffery P. Fisher, courtesy CMP Books ($25 value)

* Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects by one of this night's presenters, David Sonnenschein ($20 value)


And again, thanks to Adobe's sponsorship of MGLA this year, admission is free!

Chris, Trish, Tony, Warren, and Ko
Your MGLA co-hosts


Door prizes provided by:
dvGarage Moviola Artbeats Automatic Duck The Anvel 12 Inch Design IRIDAS broadcastGEMs Final Draft CMP Books Focal Press


digital projection made possible through the generous sponsorship of
Apple Computer and the Pixel Corps

with additional support from Adobe Systems, AJA, ProMax Systems,
BIAS, Inc, DigitalFilm Tree, and Gefen Inc.

Barnsdall Gallery Theatre and Art Park is a facility of the
City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department



The Gallery Theatre at Barnsdall Art Park
4800 Hollywood Boulevard
(between Vermont and Normandie)
Hollywood, CA 90027
Phone: 323.644.6272

* coming South/East on the 101: exit Hollywood, head East
* coming North/West on the 101: exit Vermont, head North, turn left (going West) onto Hollywood
* coming from the 5: exit Los Feliz, head West, turn left (going South) onto Vermont, turn right (going West) on Prospect, Prospect becomes Hollywood

Enter through the gate on the South side of Hollywood Blvd. just East of the light at Edgemont, or West of the light at New Hampshire (which is just West of where Prospect and Hollywood come together). The theatre is at the top of the hill, adjacent to the art gallery (they have separate entrances). On meeting nights where the gallery is open, please enter through the gallery; you can get to the theatre through the right end of the gallery.

Parking is free. There is parking at the bottom of the hill, but first try to find a space around the perimeter of the park at the top. Please park closely together, at an angle (regardless of how the parking spaces are painted!) to allow more cars to park. Click here for a PDF map (300k) of the grounds that points out the parking areas and includes other helpful hints.

Wheelchair access (or if you are carrying a lot of gear): Park in the lot next to the Hollyhock house (you will see a handicap parking sign - there are also spaces for loading etc.), come into the theatre entrance, and take the elevator down. There will be space in the front of the theatre for wheelchairs.

Click here for a MapQuest interactive map, including the ability to get directions from your location to this address. There is also a Metro Red Line station at Vermont and Sunset, about a block and a half from the park's entrance.

Before or after the meeting, there is a fine restaurant row on Vermont between Hollywood and Franklin (just around the corner from the park). There are also a number of funky ethic eateries along Hollywood. See the forum discussion for suggestions.