***Meeting Summary***

Tuesday, April 18

(this is a repeat of the meeting invite)

Gallery Theatre at Barnsdall Art Park
***** 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. *****

***** Cover charge: FREE courtesy of Maxon US *****

LINEUP: Master Animator Ray Harryhausen / Cinema 4D MoGraph / SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4

This will be a very special meeting, combining one of the legends of the animation industry, and early looks at a couple of brand new tools.

NOTE: We are expecting a full crowd for this meeting. Please consider car pooling. Also, please sit close together in the theatre; due to city fire regulations, we unfortunately cannot allow people to sit in the aisles.

Make sure you check out the address and directions for BGT at the bottom of this page. This month, the Municipal Art Gallery will not be open.

Q&A (7:00-7:30)

Our informal pre-meeting question and answer session while people get parked and seated. Included will be details of the next MacGathering and SoHo Tech Show, coming up in May.

Ray HarryhausenMaster Animator Ray Harryhausen (7:30-8:30)

This month, thanks to the efforts and generosity of the good people at Maxon US (home of of the 3D application Cinema 4D), we are very proud to have stop motion animation pioneer Ray Harryhausen giving a special presentation. He will be showing some examples of work, and talking about his remarkable career. This is a very special evening you will not want to miss. (We are expecting a full house; look into car pooling...)

Harryhausen got his start working on visual effects in the 1949 movie Mighty Joe Young. Using stop-motion photography and models, Harryhausen became one of the pioneers of visual effects in fantasy films. In 1953 he teamed with friend and writer Ray Bradbury to make The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, and he is famous for his work in films such as Earth vs. the Flying Saucers, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad and Jason and the Argonauts. Harryhausen's last film was 1981's Clash of the Titans. Harryhausen was awarded a special Oscar in 1992 for his body of work.

break (8:30-9:00)

Ray Harryhausen will be in the lobby selling and signing the new book "The Art of Ray Harryhausen" (with forward by Peter Jackson). We should be set up to take both cash and credit cards. The break will also be a chance to chat and get a snack before the second half of the meeting, where we will have some new toys for your inspection...

MoGraphCinema 4D MoGraph (9:00-9:40)

Maxon Computer - creators of the 3D package Cinema 4D - announced on the day of the meeting their new MoGraph module for Cinema 4D. MGLA will get the first public look at this new, very cool tool geared towards motion graphics artists.

With MoGraph's easy to use toolset, objects can be cloned instantly and arranged linearly, radially, in a grid or onto existing geometry. Effectors are then used to set these clones in motion randomly or by applying audio, textures, formulas, or many other elements for unlimited effects. Virtually every aspect is animatable and can be controlled through expressions. Comprehensive libraries containing shader-based materials and backgrounds, transitions, countdowns and 350MB of royalty-free audio and video clips are included, featuring a selection of videos from the popular Artbeats collection. Multipass layers and 3D elements can then be rendered and imported directly into Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Combustion, Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro, Shake, Alienbrain and eyeon Fusion for post-processing.

The MoGraph module will list for $395 for existing users. New users can purchase the base version of Cinema 4D plus the MoGraph module for $995. We will be giving away a copy of MoGraph later in the evening, courtesy of Maxon US.


Sonic Fire Pro 4SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4 (9:40-10:00)

Sonicfire Pro is a soundtrack creation tool that makes it easy to customize stock music to fit the exact duration you need, with multiple variations available per song. New in version 4 is Mood Mapping: the ability to automatically change the mix of your chosen variation during the song, to make the music better match sections such as strong intros, quite voiceovers, and the such. Hand in hand with Sonicfire Pro version 4 is SmartSound's new Strata multilayer libraries, which provide access to the individual instrument tracks within the song. However, no prior musical knowledge is required; creating a custom soundtrack in SonicFire is actually easier than sifting through many traditional stock music libraries. MGLA co-host Chris Meyer will demonstrate how to move between Sonicfire and After Effects to best make the music and visuals match each other, including several universal tips useful when working with music. We will be giving away a copy of Sonicfire Pro 4 Standard Edition, which includes the software plus two of the Strata libraries, courtesy of SmartSound.

door prizes (10:00)

Following is a list of door prizes that have been donated for the April meeting (worth nearly $6000!). Please follow the links below to learn more about the prizes, both so you know what you want if your ticket gets pulled, and to support the vendors who supply such a bounty of prizes to us every month!

As always, we will hand out free tickets during the second half of the meeting (a host will start a strand at the end of an aisle; take one ticket off the strip and pass them along). Winners get to pick from the remaining prizes in the order tickets are pulled. We will pull fewer tickets than there are prizes, so that the last winner still has some choice among prizes.

* a dvGarage PowerPak that contains copies of virtually everything they sell, courtesy dvGarage ($1199 value)

* Adobe Creative Suite 2 Essential Training Bundle 6-CD set courtesy Lynda.com ($600-$850 value)

* the background stock footage library Ambient Textures, courtesy Artbeats ($499 value)
(Artbeats also has a deal that if you purchase any collection $399 or higher during the month of April and you are eligible to get their Storm Clouds collection for only $299 (normally $599), or Digital Biz HD for only $399 (normally $799).)

* Automatic Duck's Pro Import AE plug-in set for importing NLE and Motion projects into After Effects, courtesy of Automatic Duck ($495 value)

* a 12 month Pixel Corp membership, courtesy of the Pixel Corps ($420 value)

* the brand-new MoGraph module for Cinema 4D, courtesy Maxon US ($395 value)

* a one-year Premium Lynda.com Online Training subscriptions, courtesy Lynda.com ($375 value)
(In addition, we will also have flyers worth $100 off the Super Early Bird pricing of the FlashForward Conference in Austin, Texas this September. The discount is good through June 23. MGLA co-hosts Trish and Chris Meyer will be among the speakers there.)

* Unit 02: Sports stock footage library of backgrounds and elements, courtesy 12 Inch Design ($249 value)

* a copy of FrameCycler Professional 3.5 film resolution playback and color channel viewing software, courtesy IRIDAS ($249 value)

* SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4 Standard edition, which includes the software plus two of the Strata libraries, courtesy SmartSound ($249 value)

* Volume 1 of the AE Pro Series stock footage and projects, courtesy broadcastGEMs ($229 value)

* a copy of SpeedGrade OnSet "look management" (color correction, etc.) software, courtesy IRIDAS ($199 value)

* the winner's choice of either the screenwriting software Final Draft or the script processor software Final Draft AV, courtesy of Final Draft ($129-229 value)

* GridIron Nucleo render acceleration plug-in for After Effects, courtesy GridIron Software ($150 value)

* dvMatte Blast keying plug-in for Apple Motion, courtesy dvGarage ($99 value)

* After Effects in Production second edition book by MGLA co-host Trish and Chris Meyer, courtesy CMP Books ($50 value)

* Flash Professional 8 Hands-On Training book by James Gonzalez, courtesy Lynda.com ($45 value)

* Creative Sequencing Techniques for Music Production book by Andrea Pejrolo, courtesy Focal Press ($40 value)

* Animation: The Mechanics of Motion book by Chris Webster, courtesy Focal Press ($37 value)

* Stop Motion: Craft Skills for Model Animation book by Susannah Shaw, courtesy Focal Press ($35 value)

* The Wedding Video Handbook book by Kirk Barber, courtesy CMP Books ($35 value)


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And again, thanks to Maxon's sponsorship of MGLA this year, admission is free!

Chris, Trish, Tony, Warren, and Ko
Your MGLA co-hosts


Door prizes provided by:
Pixel Corps Flashforward dvGarage Artbeats Automatic Duck 12 Inch Design IRIDAS broadcastGEMs Final Draft CMP Books Focal Press


digital projection made possible through the generous sponsorship of
Apple Computer and the Pixel Corps

with additional support from Adobe Systems, AJA, ProMax Systems,
BIAS, Inc, DigitalFilm Tree, and Gefen Inc.

Barnsdall Gallery Theatre and Art Park is a facility of the
City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department



The Gallery Theatre at Barnsdall Art Park
4800 Hollywood Boulevard
(between Vermont and Normandie)
Hollywood, CA 90027
Phone: 323.644.6272

* coming South/East on the 101: exit Hollywood, head East
* coming North/West on the 101: exit Vermont, head North, turn left (going West) onto Hollywood
* coming from the 5: exit Los Feliz, head West, turn left (going South) onto Vermont, turn right (going West) on Prospect, Prospect becomes Hollywood

Enter through the gate on the South side of Hollywood Blvd. just East of the light at Edgemont, or West of the light at New Hampshire (which is just West of where Prospect and Hollywood come together). The theatre is at the top of the hill, adjacent to the art gallery (they have separate entrances).

Parking is free. There is parking at the bottom of the hill, but first try to find a space around the perimeter of the park at the top. Please park closely together, at an angle (regardless of how the parking spaces are painted!) to allow more cars to park. Click here for a PDF map (300k) of the grounds that points out the parking areas and includes other helpful hints.

Wheelchair access (or if you are carrying a lot of gear): Park in the lot next to the Hollyhock house (you will see a handicap parking sign - there are also spaces for loading etc.), come into the theatre entrance, and take the elevator down. There will be space in the front of the theatre for wheelchairs.

Click here for a MapQuest interactive map, including the ability to get directions from your location to this address. There is also a Metro Red Line station at Vermont and Sunset, about a block and a half from the park's entrance.

Before or after the meeting, there is a fine restaurant row on Vermont between Hollywood and Franklin (just around the corner from the park). There are also a number of funky ethic eateries along Hollywood.

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