***Meeting Invite***

Wednesday, November 15

Los Angeles Convention Center Room 306AB
in conjunction with DV Expo
***** 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. *****
***** Cover charge: FREE courtesy of Maxon US and DV Expo *****

LINEUP: a special night of motion graphics design

At our November meeting (arranged in conjunction with the BDA), we will have a special presentation focused on design and designers as a pair of young, cutting-edge motion graphics studios - Roger and Exopolis - will share some of their recent projects with us, and discuss trends in design. We will include a question & answer session where you can probe their process and share your own thoughts.


Exopolis is a creative studio specializing in design and development for broadcast, print, mobile and interactive - with a special focus on the convergence of these media. Art Director Bill Sneed and Associate Creative Director Brien Holman will be sharing three recent projects with us:

iPod Nano imageTBWA/Chiat/Day - Apple iPod Nano:

To promote the latest version of the iPod Nano, Exopolis co-directed (with superstar director Mark Romanek) and produced the TV spot - in keeping with the spot's tagline "Completely remastered," Exopolis evolved the previous 2D silhouette style with a dramatic new look that combines depth and dynamic movement.

Nicktoons Network - 3 Headed Monster (3HM) programming block:

Nicktoons Network's Three Headed Monster programming block needed an 'out there' aesthetic that was distinct from the overall network design, while still relating to it. They accomplished this with a faded, distressed, 'Godzilla' movie look, combining it with the overall network's frenetic energy and movement.

Nicktoons Network - Network Redesign:

Nicktoons Network wanted a radical new look for their on-air and weren't afraid to push the envelope - this made Exopolis happy. The network redesign allowed their visual and conceptual creativity (insanity) to run wild and their technical skills (magic powers) to shine.

We encourage you to visit Exopolis' portfolio page to see numerous other examples of their work.


Roger, a broadcast, advertising and design studio is celebrating its first year anniversary after working on a series of high profile projects, will be sharing two projects with us:

Comedy Central's Roast of William Shatner:

Using stills, live action, and not too many Star Trek references, Roger will show us how they went about creating a show package that ended up being the highest rated show of the year for their client.

Shatner Roast image 1Shatner Roast image 1Shatner Roast image 1

DIRECTV - NBA League Pass Project:

From pitch to final delivery, Roger will give a detailed look at the technical aspects of merging live action with 3D compositing. They will also discuss how creative decisions can evolve throughout a project.

NBA image 1NBA image 2NBA image 3

Please visit their web site to see more examples of their work.

Both Roger and Exopolis are represented by the The Ashy Agency; we would like to personally thank Brett Ashy for helping us arrange this very special evening.

Note that this meeting is on a different night and in a different location than normal: Wednesday, November 15, at the Los Angeles Convention Center (room 306AB) as part of DV Expo. This meeting is free, but you will need a DV Expo exhibit or conference pass to get in. Free exhibit passes may be had by following this link. The exhibit floor closes at 7 PM; we expect to get started by around 7:15 PM.

(You should also check out the DV Expo conference program; MGLA co-hosts Trish and Chris Meyer are teaching a total of four sessions November 14 and 15.)


December 19 we will return to our normal home at Barnsdall Gallery Theatre. Current plans are to take an in depth look at Cinema 4D r10, feature artist presentations, and show your demo reels. We will also have a haul of door prizes worthy of the holiday season. Consider it our office party! We hope to see you there.


And again, thanks to Maxon's sponsorship of MGLA this year plus DV Expo's donation of a room and support for this special meeting, admission is free!

Chris, Trish, Tony, Warren, and Ko
Your MGLA co-hosts


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