*** Meeting Invite ***

Tuesday, August 21

Gallery Theatre at Barnsdall Art Park
7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Cover charge: FREE
courtesy of Adobe Systems

LINEUP: Imagineer mocha / Digital Anarchy ToonIt! and PlasmaFX / Trapcode Flux / Magic Bullet 3 / door prizes

Welcome to Plug-in Night #2, as we continue to present some of the cool new tools that have been introduced since NAB. Billy Garfield Woody will show Imagineer's new tracker mocha, Jim Tierney will show Digital Anarchy's cool new plug-in ToonIt! and the highly accelerated PlasmaFX, Peder Norrby will be over from Sweden to show Trapcode's very cool new plug-in Flux, and Sean Safreed from Red Giant Software will be demonstrating Magic Bullet 3. We'll also have one of our biggest door prize hauls yet, totaling over $36,000 in value; Digital Anarchy is also giving away copies of PlasmaFX-LE (7 of the 26 filters) to the first 100 people that show up (they will be on the ticket counter near the main entrance).

Make sure you check out the address and directions for BGT at the bottom of this page. Also, remember: there is free wireless Internet access at the theatre! Look for the network BGT Booth.

Q&A (7:00-7:30)

Our usual pre-meeting banter while folks get parked and seated.

mocca screen shotImagineer mocha

Imagineer is proud to introduce mocha: A standalone tracking tool based on Imagineer's unique 2.5 D planar tracking system. It was designed as a cost-effective tracking solution with a variety of features mocha affords you the ability to generate solid 2D tracks, even on the most difficult shots, while saving both time and money.

mocha is a stand alone 2D tracking tool packed with features that should make the life of the effects compositing artist easier and less stressful. Now compositors can avoid the guess work and inaccuracies that result from painstaking and time consuming difficult hand tracking shots. The process of generating solid 4-point tracks, giving position, scale, rotation, shear and perspective matched tracks is sped up thanks to the next generation tracking. Once the track is complete, mocha is designed to export the data to the industry’s most well known compositing and finishing packages such as Inferno, Flame, Flint, Smoke, Combustion, Avid DS, Quantel generationQ, After Effects, Shake and Digital Fusion. This gives the artist the freedom to finish their shots in the compositing application they feel most comfortable with.

mocha is the 'big brother' of motor, which was demonstrated at MGLA this past March. mocca contains all of motor's rotoscoping tools.

Magic Bullet 3 (8:00-8:30)

Sean Safreed from Red Giant Software will be down to demonstrate the latest version of Magic Bullet - a set of plug-ins to help give your footage that film-like look. Desert sunrise, Arctic tundra, nighttime urban streets: the look of your footage defines the mood. Now you can define the style of your video or film, regardless of on-set conditions, with powerful imaging tools. Choose from more than a hundred Look presets, all neatly organized into 10 categories to help set the mood for everything from a wedding to the next Sundance original. Magic Bullet Looks plugs into After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro, and Avid.

As part of Magic Bullet Looks you get Magic Bullet LooksBuilder, a stand-alone application that lets you pre-visualize looks on set or anywhere, using a JPEG or TIFF image. Look presets are portable and load into any of the editing hosts, so the same Looks you create on set are the same looks you finish with in the editorial suite. It's no longer necessary to have a complicated finishing system. Magic Bullet Looks provides hundreds of options with one click.

You can get some insight into this new release by reading creator Stu Maschwitz's blog.

break (8:30-8:55)

A chance to stretch, network, check out the door prizes on stage, and take advantage of the snack bar in the lobby.

Trapcode FluxTrapcode Codename Flux (8:55-9:25)

Peder Norrby / Trapcode Software will be coming from Sweden to show off his latest plug-in currently codenamed: FLUX. (Yes - codename.) This next-level plug-in from Trapcode was briefly demonstrated at the NAB 2007 Expo this past April, but few have seen it since that event.

The plug-in promises to provide After Effects animators with a completely new set of design tools for use on both Mac and PC. Ever since Adobe increased the number of possible parameters in a single effect, Peder has been making efforts to include more necessary control, allowing artists to create deep, dynamic imagery. Peder will show some of the plug-in's features.

Digital Anarchy ToonIt! and PlasmaFX (9:25-9:55)

ToonIt! 1.0 will reliably and easily create cartoon-like images from film and video footage, freeing artists from time consuming techniques such as hand painting and rotoscoping. The filters use advanced algorithms from Toonamation to create cartoon shading and lines in After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion and Premiere Pro. There are four filters in the plugin set providing a wide variety of looks and effects. With 'cartooning' of films like 'A Scanner Darkly' and various commercials, this has become a sought after effect and ToonIt! makes it possible. (Click on thumbnails below to get a high-resolution image.)

before line art after

Plasma Topology filterThe PlasmaFX filter suite is a collection of cool effects built with Apple's new Core Image technology. With 26 plugins in the PlasmaFX set, there's a wide variety of effects to choose from. There are imaging processing tools, like glows and film looks, and more advanced image generation using particle systems. By using Core Image, we have dramatically speeded up our plugins up, resulting in real-time or near real-time processing on newer machines. Because Core Image is built into the operating system, all applications benefit, including apps from Adobe and Apple.

door prizes (9:55)

We know you don't come to MGLA meetings just for the prizes (and fully understand the karmic penalties for selling anything you win on eBay), but if there was ever a month where you were looking for a reason to attend and sit to the end, this month is it: We'll be giving out over $36,000 in prizes at the end of the night.

As always, we will hand out free tickets during the second half of the meeting (a host will start a strand at the end of an aisle; take one ticket off the strip and pass them along). Winners get to pick from the remaining prizes in the order tickets are pulled. We will pull fewer tickets than there are prizes, so that the last winner still has some choice among prizes. Prizes not claimed will be rolled over to the next meeting.

Here is the list:

* monet tracker/stabilizer/rotoscoping workstation software, courtesy Imagineer Systems (well over $15,000 value!)

* mokey object removal and keying workstation software, courtesy Imagineer Systems (nearly $9000 value!)

* mocha tracking station, courtesy Imagineer Systems (nearly $3000 value)

* motor rotoscoping tool, courtesy Imagineer Systems (over $1500 value)

* Genome Power Tools Volume 1 plus Volume 2 high-def stock footage, courtesy Motionstream ($1398 value)

* 2 copies of the Magic Bullet Suite, plus Update to Looks, courtesy Red Giant Software ($799 value each)

* 2 copies of the Trapcode Suite, courtesy Red Giant Software ($749 value each)
(We'll also bundle in with each a copy of LME Collections set of 100 animation presets & comps for Trapcode Starglow and After Effects, courtesy Little Men Entertainment - and additional $99 value each.)

* Golf Elements stock footage library, courtesy Artbeats ($599 value)
(Note that Artbeats has a special for the month of August where if you buy any collection worth $399 or higher, you can also get Skylights for $299 or Sky Effects HD for $399, which is a $3-400 savings; they also have a nice limited-time closeout sale here.)

* Automatic Duck's Pro Import AE plug-in set for importing NLE and Motion projects into After Effects, courtesy of Automatic Duck ($495 value)

* a bundle of FrameCycler Professional 3.5 film resolution playback and color channel viewing software plus SpeedGrade OnSet "look management" (color correction, etc.) software, courtesy IRIDAS ($448 value)

* GridIron Nucleo Pro render acceleration plug-in for After Effects, courtesy GridIron Software ($395 value)

* a Lynda.com Online Training Library 1-year Premium Subscription, courtesy Lynda.com ($375 value)

* ToonIt! plug-in set for After Effects, courtesy Digital Anarchy ($295 value)

* 2 copies of Magic Bullet Colorista, courtesy Red Giant Software ($199 value each)

* ProductionBlox Unit 05 stock footage library, courtesy 12 Inch Design ($99 value)

* TV Noise Vol. 1 stock footage library, courtesy Little Black Bird ($45 value)

* The DV Rebel's Guide book by Stu Maschwitz (creator of Magic Bullet), courtesy Peachpit Press ($45 value)


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And again, thanks to Adobe's sponsorship of MGLA this year, admission is free!

Chris, Trish, Tony, Warren, and Ko
Your MGLA co-hosts


Door prizes provided by:
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digital projection made possible through the generous sponsorship of
Apple Computer and the Pixel Corps

with additional support from Adobe Systems, AJA, ProMax Systems,
BIAS, Inc, DigitalFilm Tree, and Gefen Inc.

Barnsdall Gallery Theatre and Art Park is a facility of the
City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department



The Gallery Theatre at Barnsdall Art Park
4800 Hollywood Boulevard
(between Vermont and Normandie)
Hollywood, CA 90027
Phone: 323.644.6272

* coming South/East on the 101: exit Hollywood, head East
* coming North/West on the 101: exit Vermont, head North, turn left (going West) onto Hollywood
* coming from the 5: exit Los Feliz, head West, turn left (going South) onto Vermont, turn right (going West) on Prospect, Prospect becomes Hollywood

Enter through the gate on the South side of Hollywood Blvd. just East of the light at Edgemont, or West of the light at New Hampshire (which is just West of where Prospect and Hollywood come together). The theatre is at the top of the hill, adjacent to the art gallery (they have separate entrances).

Parking is free. There is parking at the bottom of the hill, but first try to find a space around the perimeter of the park at the top. Please park closely together, at an angle (regardless of how the parking spaces are painted!) to allow more cars to park. Click here for a PDF map (300k) of the grounds that points out the parking areas and includes other helpful hints.

Wheelchair access (or if you are carrying a lot of gear): Park in the lot next to the Hollyhock house (you will see a handicap parking sign - there are also spaces for loading etc.), come into the theatre entrance, and take the elevator down. There will be space in the front of the theatre for wheelchairs.

Click here for a Google interactive map, including the ability to get directions from your location to this address. There is also a Metro Red Line station at Vermont and Sunset, about a block and a half from the park's entrance.

Before or after the meeting, there is a fine restaurant row on Vermont between Hollywood and Franklin (just around the corner from the park). There are also a number of funky ethic eateries along Hollywood.

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